About US

Welcome to TheBPshop!

We are currently located in Lagos Nigeria.

We like to say we are like ULTA with a twist of Sephora. This is because we do not just focus on the high end brands.

Theres something for everyone. Whether on a budget or about the luxury life, we are here for you.

We are a passionate retailer to both individuals and businesses to provide beauty products.

TheBPshop is excited to keep you up to date on authentic items you see only in the pages of magazines.

We are proud to provide highly demanded products at the lowest cost.

*All of our products are original and authentic*

We commit ourselves in every way to our customers for them to be satisfied.

Our hearts are proudly showing you how much we value and appreciate our customers who shop with us. Experience a new way of building relationship with us beyond business!

TheBPshop conducts strict quality control in all of our warehouses and provides the utmost and prompt customer care to ensure your satisfaction with us.

Thank you for choosing us!

To learn more about our beauty products and find out more BIG savings everyday, please click the link below:

To contact us, please email info@thebpshop.com

Keep up with us!

Twitter: @Thebpshop_

Instagram: @Thebpshop_


Facebook page: TheBPshop

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